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A visionary leader with over 45+ years of experience, Nadeem steers the company's strategic direction with his expertise in ERP systems, SAP B1, and software development. His passion for innovation ensures cutting-edge solutions for every project.


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Nadeem Iqbal, CEO of Collectum Solutions, brings a wealth of experience spanning over 45+ years to his role, steering the company towards continual success. His profound knowledge of ERP systems, particularly SAP B1, coupled with expertise in full-stack software development, positions him as a versatile technology leader. Nadeem's strategic foresight keeps the company at the forefront of innovation, ensuring it remains agile in meeting the evolving needs of clients.

Beyond his technical proficiency, Nadeem fosters a culture of innovation within Collectum Solutions, fostering continuous learning and exploration of emerging technologies. Under his leadership, the company not only embraces the latest advancements but also translates them into tangible benefits for clients. Nadeem's collaborative leadership style promotes transparency and teamwork across all departments, underscoring the value of diversity and collective expertise in driving Collectum Solutions' growth and success.

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